There is Joy Before the Angels

…over one sinner who repents (Luke 15:10).

Isn’t it marvelous? The flaming ministers of God, who so fiercely guarded the way to the tree of life, are now commissioned to serve those who will inherit salvation: and they rejoice every time the Lord finds and rescues a lost sinner!

Just a few weeks back, we got a taste of that joy. Pastor Dave and I met with Veronica, the wife of Anyakun, and listened as she professed her faith in Jesus Christ.

As we sat with her, the unseen exultation was augmented with a crowd of very visible children:


Two weeks after, she publicly declared her faith and was received as a member of the church. (Her husband has been a member for some time.)


Such a wonderful occasion calls for feasting! Anyakun and Veronica (on the left) joined us and many others to celebrate the goodness of the Lord in saving us lost sinners.


Rejoice with us and with the angels! And pray that Veronica will be faithful in her walk with God and continue growing in her love for Christ.




Lately it seems the Lord is stirring in the hearts of the mzees (mm-zays) – the old men, the elders of the villages. Some of them have for a long time been leaders in witchcraft.


Egiriwas, seated between our translator Lokwii David and Pastor Dave, came to us seeking to be baptized. We began instructing him in the Christian faith. He now comes regularly to worship the Lord.


He was soon joined in instruction by Joseph Ekemer. He is blind, but is seems God is opening his eyes. He attends weekly worship and devotional times very faithfully. Recently I asked him – would he continue to offer the sinful sacrifices of Karimojong traditional religion? And what if others pleaded with him – as a former elder who knows well the ritual chants, special cuts of meat, and other aspects of the pagan cult – to come and preside over another sacrifice: would he go? He said no – he wants to follow Jesus now.


Loyep Daudi (David), a long-time believer and former leader at a church some distance away, comes to worship consistently. He has joined the other men and is preparing to profess his faith in Christ and become a member of Nakaale Presbyterian Church.


Loduk Peter, another mzee, is also coming and learning the gospel. You can see his home behind him; it is in a terrible state, about to collapse. The physical needs of all of these men are very great. Old men and women, who are more likely to be weak and unable to contribute much, are often neglected.

We praise God for his work in these and other old men who are also receiving instruction. Please pray for Omena, one of our translators, who is teaching them every Saturday morning. Pray that the Spirit of God would accomplish a mighty change in their hearts: that he would bring them out of their bondage, enlighten their minds and hearts with the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and bring them into his church. And pray that he would use them to reach many other mzees!