A Feathery Friend

Today, my friends and I were playing a game of soccer when all of a sudden some of the boys started to shout, “Acule, acule!” (“Eagle, eagle!” in Karimojong). I heard a noise and turned to look. I saw what they meant. There was a juvenile yellow-billed kite flapping around in a thorn tree like it was entangled in the thorns. Then it fell to the ground. It could not fly because of a bad wound in its wing, probably from the thorns. My friends and I caught it and we took it to my Mom. She and Dad were amazed!




Dad suggested that we take it to the dove coop to let it heal. So we put it in the coop, and Mom cleaned its wound. We gave it some water and put it in a box with a towel in it. We’re keeping it there for now, and we’re planning to feed it live rats and maybe some lizards until it recovers.



– by Joshua L. Robbins


10 thoughts on “A Feathery Friend

  1. Amazing. Way to go Mom, Joshua and friends. I am sure it appreciates all you doing. Hope all are well. We are doing well. Now into fall cleanup preparing for winter. Today was start of picking up leaves and putting into the compost pile. I worked two hours and said that was enough for today. My mom arrived back from Wisconsin this week. She is settling in and so are we. She is doing quite well. Love to all Pam


    1. Dear Pam, so good to hear from you. Glad to hear that you are all doing well. You know, … I miss the Fall! Enjoy it for me 🤓
      Greetings to your family. Love, Rashel


  2. David and Rochelle,       Thank you for your interesting updates of life in Uganda.  Has your family’s health improved?  We have been praying specifically for this.  The Wongs, Grace Church, Modesto, CA


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