God Sees


This is how we found her on Wednesday.

We have known for some time that her situation was bad. She may have a mental problem – or epilepsy – or some kind of demonic oppression – and she fell into a fire and burned her leg horribly. The wound became infected and she cannot walk. Her newborn son was severely malnourished. Her young boy, five years old or so, is lame. Her husband abandoned her for another woman. Her house is a collapsing ruin. She is totally unable to care for herself.

The mission began feeding the baby. He is improving. And every day, we sent food for the mother. We hoped she was improving, too.

Then the news came that she was very badly off. We found her lying on the ground in the sun, unable to move. Starving. Dying. No one had fed her for days. Severely dehydrated. Covered in mud and filth. In intense pain. Almost unable to respond.

Family and neighbors had left her to die.

The situation is as desperate as can be imagined. Some things are better left unsaid, unseen.

But God sees.

And the daughters of God went to work. The gentle women of our church went to the village and did what no one else would do – they gave her water, fed her, bathed her. Loved her. We read Scripture to her, prayed with her, sang for her. Organized to repair her house.

Thursday, we tried to take her to the mission clinic. Treatment was not possible. She was screaming in fear.

The ladies of the church are taking food to her each day. Two days now, and the change is amazing. She is in pain, but she is sitting up. Talking coherently. Sending greetings.

Food is essential to life. That is obvious. But food cannot accomplish such a change. Only the love of Christ can do that. And he sees and cares for the forgotten and the rejected.

Please pray for this poor soul. And pray that everyone in Karamoja will know who we are – and above all, know who Jesus is – by our love.


2 thoughts on “God Sees

  1. Ah, the women of Christ’s church. Servants who are together as one providing the care of others in all cases. Thank you for sharing this with us. We pray that in all such circumstances, His love will be the nucleus of the growth of the gospel there.


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